ūüĎčThe #1 Solution To Creating Funnels FASTER

ūüĎčThe #1 Solution To Creating Funnels FASTER

CREATE Amazing

Funnel's Faster With Built To Sell Templates

CREATE Amazing Funnel's FASTER With Built To Sell Templates

These are NOT JUST some pretty ClickFunnels share funnels! These are PROVEN, Designed/Modeled, Drag and Drop Funnels from the Top Entrepreneurs in the game. 
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CREATE In Just 3 Easy Steps

You Can Have A Proven Funnel Up And Running In A Fraction Of The Time You Would In The Past.

Step #1

Select Your Funnel Type

Step #2

Select Your Funnel Template

Step #3

Update The Copy & Images

It’s That Easy! Stop Wondering If You Have A Winning Funnel And Use One Of Ours!

READY TO GO Click Funnels Templates!

 (Built For Entrepreneur JUST Like You)

We called this Built-To-Sell Funnels for a reason. Each of these templates are modeled after the highest converting and modern funnels your market is using today! They truly are created with the intention of SELLING. We believe that the role of design is to support page conversion. That's it!

NEW Funnels are released almost every month! Steve J Larsen and Jake Leslie are in the heart of "Funnel Land" and see what's working NOW. We're creating the greatest bank of proven, pre-designed, high-converting... built-to-sell funnels on earth! (COOL RIGHT!?) We call it AWESOME! 

So once you sign up you will....

Immediately receive a massive library of existing funnel templates based on popular funnel types
Access to NEW funnel Types EVERY MONTH!

Get Instant Access 

 ...To ALL These Templates Below. It Is Just A Small Taste Of The Awesome Sales-Power You'll Get When You Join BTS Funnels!








Why Did We Create BTS Funnels 

When There Are Already So Many Funnel Templates Out There?

How Many Times Have You Stared At Your Computer Screen Just Hoping And Praying That "The Winning Funnel Design" Was What You Just Built??

The reality is, you don't KNOW if the funnel you just spent all that time on is really going to work in the open marketplace. Why not just skip the funnel "heart ache"? 
We've been there. A lot. And it's safe to claim that we've been there more than 99% of funnel builders. It sucks!


At the beginning of a brand new funnel build, We've Spent SO MANY HOURS Staring At That Blank, fresh, empty page And That Blinking Cursor Of Death, realizing not only how much work there was to do to from scratch to get the sales funnel done, but again, not KNOW if it would work.

The 0's and 1's gods heard many prayers in those days of "pleeeease let this work and not get sent to the FUNNEL GRAVEYARD!".
You Know That Place, All Too Well, And So Do we. That's The reason We Created BTS Funnels. We Were Tired Of Seeing Our Fellow Funnel Builders Fail, start scratch again, and use page design incorrectly!
And So, BTS Funnels was born! Not Funnels That Were Built To Look Good (Even Though They Do), But Funnels That Are Built To Sell!

how Does BUILT TO SELL Funnels Work?

Our Goal At BTS Funnels Is To Make The Funnel Building Process Not Only EASY But Almost Fool Proof. 

You Will Then Be Immediately Taken To The BTS Dashboard Where You Will Be Able To Select Your Winning Funnel From Our Assortment Of Styles And Designs.

Each Funnel Was Laid Out And Designed To Maximize Your Page Conversions, And Have Been Meticulously Designed To Dramatically Shorten The TIME It Takes To Get A Funnel Out!

We Show You Where To Put Your Copy, Change Out The Images For Your Own AND as easy as 1.....2.....3.... You're Done. Your Funnel Is Ready To Sell!!!!

It's That Easy!

We Didn't Stop There...

Remember returning a movie to Blockbuster when you were done with it? This is similar.

It's already known that our (Steve J Larsen and Jake Leslie) custom funnel building fee is $150,000 per funnel and has been for years.

Then one day, while being professional nerds, we were hit with the idea to invent "Funnel Rental", cause not everyone can pay $150k or wait for the project to get done.

So, you own the funnel and rent the design! You can rent funnel design on 3 domains for just $67/month. When you're ready to "return" your design code, simply delete your domain from your BTS dashboard.

Steve didn't do that well in high school math, but $67/month is much cheaper than $150,000 ;)

What Makes BTS Funnels SO MUCH BETTER than the competition?

First of all, there is NO COMPETITION!  

We use Exclusive and proprietary Coding To Take Our Funnels From "Funky to Fabulous" In No Time Flat, all while remembering that it IS all about the sale!

Not Only Does This Code Help To Make Our Funnels Stand Out From The Rest, We're only adding PROVEN funnels to your BTS Dashboard, And It's Yours When You Sign Up NOW!

Proven > Pretty! ...but we did both!

From Our Exclusive Code To Our Award Winning Designs, This Is Your Chance To Skip To The Head Of The Line And Finally Have That Funnel You Have Been Dreaming About, 

A Funnel That Is Built To Sell!

Let's Get Started

Pricing Options



  • 3 Domains: Use unlimited funnel templates on up to 3 domains
  • SFO Training:¬†Immediate access to the exclusive Sales Funnel Officer training from Steve Larsen
  • New Templates Monthly: Each month get access to new, fresh designs




  • 12 Domains: Use unlimited funnel templates on up to 12 domains
  • SFO Training:¬†Immediate access to the exclusive Sales Funnel Officer training from Steve Larsen
  • New Templates Monthly: Each month get access to new, fresh designs



  • 100 Domains: Use unlimited funnel templates on up to 100 domains
  • SFO Training:¬†Immediate access to the exclusive Sales Funnel Officer training from Steve Larsen
  • New Templates Monthly: Each month get access to new, fresh designs
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